Crime all the Time

By Katie Koth


Overall, I liked this course a lot. I loved the “chill” atmosphere. Our discussions were good. There was a lot of work, and a lot of times I felt like I couldn’t finish it all on time. I also felt like it wasn’t clear which assignments were weighted more heavily than others. It would have been nice to have a clear grading scale and to be notified of our grades at several points during the class. Overall though, I liked the class.


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  1. 12/12/2013 | 8:46 pm Permalink

    Understood about grading, but what about the experience, radings, projects, etc. The actual class experience would be helpful to us. Elaboration is always good.

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  2. 12/12/2013 | 8:59 pm Permalink

    The video projects were actually a lot of fun. It was a creative way to understand the articles and books, and I had a lot of fun doing them. Maybe we could have tried switching up the groups a little bit so that we weren’t acting with the same people every video. The projects worked, and were also helpful because we all learned how to make a wiki page. The class discussions were helpful and informative. All in all, it was a great class!

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