Crime all the Time

By Katie Koth

Death Penalty???

Something I wanted to bring up in a separate blog post. I’m sure that judging by Monster’s actions in novel, many people thought he deserved the death penalty. After all, he killed so many people. He robbed so many places, and injured others. I guess his age had something to do with his punishment, but I can’t help but look further into this topic.

Suppose Monster had received the death penalty? Some would claim that that would be a just punishment. However, Monster’s life did improve greatly. Not only did he meet Muhammad and learned some from him, but he kept learning about and doing good. He joined the C.C.O., and eventually cut himself off from the Crips all together. He wanted to make a new life for himself, one that did not look at all like his gang life.

I’m happy that Monster did not receive the death penalty. Maybe if other judges had been merciful, other criminals could have come around like Scott did. Just a thought.


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    The issue of redemption vs. execution can be a tough one. We read about Van Houten, who turned her life around long ago yet is repeatedly denied parole because the DA says she’s just one dose of LSD away from another massacre. And top Crip Stanley Williams was executed after he had turned himself around into an anti-gang activist ( The answer probably depends on your idea of the purpose of prison. Is it for punishment/vengeance? Is it for rehabilitation? Is it for warehousing? There’s people on all differnt sides of that debate.

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