Crime all the Time

By Katie Koth

helter gif #1

In this gif, some of the women that Manson manipulated step down from the stand in court.

Helter Gif #2

In this gif, Manson finally gets arrested for manipulation. Even though he never actually murdered anyone, he still was arrested for controlling the minds of others who murdered many people.

gif #3

I added this gif to show how intense and scary Manson can be. Even though I don’t think this movie has the best acting, this proves that the actor who played Manson was spot on in portraying Manson’s anger and rage.

final gif2013

This gif shows Manson going crazy in court! The judge says that if he does not behave himself, he will be removed. Clearly he does not behave, and pounces. This gif also highlights the unpredictable rage of Charles Manson.


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